Big Data & Artificial Intelligence driven

Precision Medicine company


CbsBioscience is specialized in precision medicine driven by big data & artificial intelligence technology.
Since 2003, we strive to develop innovative technologies in precision medicine to improve cancer patients’ quality of life.
We conduct international collaborative researches with global prestigious institutes and researchers to tackle the unmet need in cancer treatment, such as liver cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.
Innovative technology for precision medicine includes prognosis, predictive biomarkers as well as biomarker development system based on over 5,000 patients’ clinic-/genomic information.

Business Area

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    Precision Medicine

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    Big data & artificial intelligence based biomarker development service


  • Technology Big data platform

    Massive clinical information accumulated through global collaborative research projects over 10 years
    The Korea largest high-dimensional database (genomic & experimental) covers 8 types of cancers


    Database management system for clinical and experimental(OMICS) data


    Uniformized public database management system


    Standard cancer transcriptomics gene expression atlas

  • Artificial Intelligence platform

    CbsBioscience AI platform consists of CBS STATS, CBS MLBS, and CBS PINGS system.
    It enables precision medicine a reality through the powerful and promising technology that integrates statistics, machine learning and mechanism investigation systems.

    CBS STATS (multi-gene statistical analysis)

    20 modules and 149 algorisms optimize multi-gene statistical analysis

    CBS MLBS (biomarker validation)

    Secure the success rate over 95% in clinical validation
    via machine learning for cross validation technique

    CBS PINGS (mechanism investigation)

    Mechanism investigation analysis provides scientific evidence
    for precision medicine and new drug development

  • Precision Medicine platform

    A comprehensive cancer treatment solution provides prognostic, Predictive, and precision medicine system


    is to identify likelihood of a clinical event, disease recurrence or
    progression in patients who have the disease or medical condition of interest


    is to identify individuals who are more likely than similar individuals
    without the biomarker to experience a favorable or unfavorable effect
    from exposure to a medical product or an environmental agent

    Precision medicine system

    is to investigate analysis provides scientific evidence for
    precision medicine service and drug development


  • Prognostic & predictive test for liver cancer

    A one-stop test that combines tests to predict the 5-year overall survival and the efficacy of treatment for liver cancer
    It can significantly reduce the expense of diagnostic test and support the determination of treatment (surgery and/or therapeutic interventions)

  • Precision medicine service for liver cancer

    It’s not only supporting the determination of conventional treatment, but also providing alternative therapeutic interventions for patients with no effective conventional treatment option.

  • Biomarker development

    Clinical & experimental database establishment and biomarker development